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SC House Subcommittee Gives Favorable Report to Nullify Obamacare (Video)

Columbia, S.C. | March 20, 2013 | Joshua Cook | Today the SC house subcommittee gave a favorable report to H.3101 regarding the South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act, which nullifies aspects of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare. The committee agreed to pass H3101 to the full committee as amended. The committee adopted Rep. Quinn and Rep. Pope’s compromise amendment which strikes the section regarding the arrest of federal judges and officials who may try to enforce Obamacare in SC.

bill chumleyRep. Bill Chumley who sponsored H3101 invited two expert witnesses to speak on the proposed bill, renowned economics professor Walter E. Williams from George Mason University and frequent guest host for the Rush Limbaugh Show and Constitutional attorney and author Kent Masterson Brown.

During the committee hearing on Feb. 6, house members appeared to be swayed by Law Professor Thomas Crocker from USC. Citing case law, Crocker claimed that any state that tries to nullify a federal law would be considered an illegal act of aggression.

Today however, both speakers swayed members of the committee to accept nullification as a mechanism to invalidate certain aspects of federal laws based on the tenth amendment of the Constitution.

Walter E. Williams gave philosophical and moral arguments on why he supports a state’s right to nullify unconstitutional laws like Obamacare. He gave examples from the writings of the founding founders explaining the limits of the central government, and cited incidents of states nullifying federal laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.



kent brownKent Brown reiterated the dangers of Obamacare for SC citizens and advocated the Quinn / Pope amendment to H3101.

Kent Brown said,

“the Quinn Pope amendment reserves the right for the state at a later date to do what it sees fit based of how this bill (Obamacare) unfolds…the original bill with the penalties I find problematic…rather SC should reserve the right to do what it deems appropriate, but go on record stating that this state opposes Obamacare and we will do what is necessary.”

The Quinn / Pope amendment would prohibit state employees from implementing aspects of Obamacare. Rep. Quinn said, “it would prohibit forced home inspections,” one of the provisions in Obamacare, and would limit local governments like school boards, town councils, and county councils from receiving grants to set up their own exchanges in the state.

The committee plans to merge both Rep. Chumley’s H3101 and Rep. Dellenny’s H3473 which also gives power to the SC Attorney General to step in to protect residents from aspects of Obamacare that may injure or harm citizens.

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  • Bill Bledsoe

    Thanks Josh for all your hard work.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003444286594 Ramesh

    Talk about missing the point. This etrnie movement is targeted at expanding the federal government taking over what has always been the right of the individual states to decide. This is a states rights issue. The framers of the constitution did not intend Washington to have total control over every aspect of citizens lives but here we are with just that situation. Marriage is neither a right or a privilege under the Constitution, marriage is not a law reserved to the federal government and anything not reserved to the federal government is reserved to the states to decide. If your state does not support gay marriage move to one that does. Now you have to decide if this is truly an issue about marriage or the money. The money being the rules applied by the IRS for deductions, insurance companies regarding medical care and companies jobs benefits and how they are applied. Consolidate enough power in one place and the Constitution will have no meaning and we will not be the United States of America. We the people will no longer have a voice in government how will that work for you?